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One More Triumph

I got my first Triumph, a TR250, back in 1977. It wasn’t much of a car, lot’s of bondo, 4 different brands of tires in 3 different sizes, but I had decided to go back to college and I needed to sell my van and part with it’s loan payment. I didn’t drive that Triumph for very long. I bought the car in the winter and the tires put me in a bad spot when I hit a patch of ice after dark and bounced the right front tire off of a tree, bending the frame. I was a poor college kid and had to make do, so I found a destitute 1969 TR6 and used the parts it needed from the TR250 to get back on the road again. I saved all the rest of the parts and had the body towed away. I still have the engine. Thus I had begun down a path where I could always find room for one more, One More Triumph.